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It's about time! It's your time to start generating consistent income using our advanced investment platform. Join now and gain access to a unique AI-powered trading software which minimizes risk factors in ways never seen before. Our cutting-edge trading software uses sophisticated algorithmic protocols to automate the trading process.

Immediate Edge

Artificial Intelligence is the future of trading. Over 95% of trades are done through quantum computing protocols designed to optimize and streamline trade execution. Immediate Edge is a pioneer in quantum computing and specializes in minifying or condensing incredibly complex strategies.

  • Immediate Edge is for skeptics! We love to to see the response on our member's faces every time their balance increases. We have managed to unlock secrets previously reserved for the super-wealthy, and now it's your turn to cash in on the action.
  • Practical engineering from top programmers specializing in trading automation. Immediate Edge employs quants or quantitative analysts that build thinking machines. The base of our statistical modeling is done through a custom OLAP cube. OLAP is online analytical processing, and it provides our data scientists with multi-dimensional data and insights. Simply put, there is a massive amount of data that is filtered and reassembled in a way which "makes sense".
  • Immediate Edge takes the guess-work out of trading. Our expert coders in the fields of programmatic computing and electrical engineering have somehow managed to rollout a trading automation protocol which literally puts to shame most of the big players in the online trading niche. This means you are in a unique position to take advantage of systems most people can only dream of these days.
  • Data science is our bread and butter! Programmatic computing is how we leverage trading opportunities on one hand, whilst on the other assess the constantly changing risk factors. Our programmers implement a "bottom-up" approach to research. That means the methodology is much more scientific, more optimized, and of course more profitable at the end of the day!

Trading Automation And Machine Learning

The key to optimal performance in contract-based orders is proper machine learning and seamless execution of trades. The only way to do that is to hire the best coders and analysts, and let them build a machine that deciphers the secrets of market movements. This is done via predictive analysis, but also by collecting a massive amount of information and translating it into a statistical model which can be used as a  formula for successful trading. This information is stored on secure servers which are located in our facilities in London, Singapore, Sydney, and Oman and can be reused for reverse-engineering and implementation of stop-loss features depending on the nature and quality of the data.

Digital Trading, A Bright Future Ahead!

Digital or online trading has grown exponentially, and this trend will not abate any time soon. Trading from home has more than quadrupled, and peaked after Covid-19 started spreading. All this is happening for a reason, and it has to do with the fact that many people are starting to gain access to more advanced trading tools after realizing the potential of trading online.

The world of online or digital trading is fast-paced. In fact, our society has become hyper-digitized and yesterday’s software has become obsolete today. Systems that were considered highly advanced are no longer adequate for today’s markets, and the only way to meet demand is by making software more accessible, cheaper, faster, and more user-friendly.

Trading stocks or commodities by looking at charts or reading a newspaper is an outdated and almost naive way of purchasing contracts. People looking to make money in the markets are really searching for accurate and simple tools, as well as high profit margins.

This can’t be obtained by trying to figure out sophisticated spreadsheets which don’t really make sense. If you are in the market for a serious software with built-in technical indicators and real-time trading automation then Immediate Edge is the app you have been waiting for!

Oh, did we forget to mention that we also have live member support staff which is highly engaged and ready to help you get started by answering any questions you may have?

Offsetting Market Volatility By Applying Tested AI Protocols!

We know that Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Ripple tend to stress investors due to their highly volatile nature. Immediate Edge deploys a broad range of algorithmic protocols designed to offset market volatility. The technology is not entirely new, however the way it is used and implemented is unique and can’t be found in any other system.

Our clients have praised this software and the feedback we received couldn’t be any better. Members from countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium have all written to thank our research staff and tell us how Immediate Edge has changed their lives.

If you are truly looking for an opportunity to make a change and willing to risk at least €/£/$250, then Immediate Edge is the software you should be betting on.

Getting Started With Immediate Edge

Using Immediate Edge is super-simple. The app was designed from the start to auto-optimize trade execution orders. In essence, new members have to follow these three easy steps: Signing up, Account Funding Which May Require Phone Verification, and Live Trading.

The software implements a simplified trading format. No tricks! Just activate your account and start trading. Below you can find a more detailed explanation about getting started with Immediate Edge.


Step 1: Registration And Broker Allocation

New members are automatically allocated vetted brokers. Our brokers or partner platforms are all licensed and tested on a daily basis. In order to join you need to enter some basic details. These are your first name, last name, Email, password, and a valid phone number. Make sure to provide your correct details since phone verification may be needed for account activation.

Step 2: Phone Verification (Not Mandatory In All Cases)

Usually phone verification is needed in order to activate your account. However, in certain cases you can simply fund your account independently. If you can do that then feel free to do so, if not simply wait for the phone call. It will come! Phone verification is conducted by our partner platforms (brokers).

Step 3: Account Funding

In order to get started generating profits you will need to fund your broker's trading account. Your money will be used in order to place trades. Immediate Edge accepts most major currencies as a payment options through credit cards. You will need your pin code authentication in order to complete the transaction.

If you own cryptocurrencies you may be able to connect your digital wallet to the trading platform. However, that will need to be approved by an account manager via phone.

Trading with Immediate Edge

Powerful trading systems at your fingertips! That is not an overstatement or exaggeration, it’s a simple fact wish is constantly being proven every day. Our traders generate hundreds of thousands of dollars on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis. Part of our success has to do with our ability to allocate the best and most reliable, and certified CFD brokers to our members.

These brokers are the liquidity providers which provide the actual trading arena as well as the cashier section of the software. Immediate Edge integrates with these trading platforms and acts as a kind of add-on or auxiliary system which latches on to the brokers and does the “heavy lifting” for its members.

Immediate Edge is AI at it’s finest! Have you heard of something called order types? Order types are sub-classifications used by the big investment houses like Goldman-Sachs and Citadel. These sub-classifications are in essence codes used by the big investment firms designed to give their super computers an edge over the competition. In other words there is a whole eco-system which is powered by advanced algorithms designed to provide whale investors with an edge and in that way secure their investments.

Immediate Edge identified these order types and follows the “bread crumbs” or signature they leave in  the trading terminals. Then the app continues to mimic the trade while at the same time adding an additional layer of customized risk mitigation protocols.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The dedicated team of researchers, data scientists, and experienced developers at Immediate Edge are recognized experts in trading automation, statistics, and quantitative analysis. Traders always have questions that need to be addressed and some keep repeating themselves. So we thought that it would be a good idea to have a short but helpful FAQ section which provides our members with much needed answers.

Feel free to read our frequently asked questions section here. We hope you will find answers to the questions you have about the Immediate Edge App. If not you can always contact our support staff.


Immediate Edge is a CFD (contract for difference) app which supports a diverse assets index. You can trade commodities, indices, stock, currencies, and more. In essence, we pretty much support every asset you can think of.


The minimum deposit amount which is required in order to activate Immediate Edge is $/€/£250. However, we usually recommend that our members invest at least $/€/£500. This is done in order to get your account balance higher. Our software generates profits rather quickly so even if you choose conservative settings your return on investment will be at least 86% on average.

How Do I Login To Immediate Edge?

Users wanting to login to their trading account can do so via the broker account which is integrated automatically upon registration. Please note that Immediate Edge acts as a kind of auxiliary or add-on software which allows members to optimize and improve their results. The platform does not act as a broker, nor does it provide the actual trading environment.


No, Immediate Edge is a performance-based software. That means we only profit when you do. We don’t need to charge you extra fees since that is not how we make our money.


Our members usually generate at least $/€/£3,000 during the first week on average. Since the accuracy level is 87% we can say with a high degree of security that you stand to generate the same amount of money.

How Do I Generate A New Password?

Members who find themselves unable to login may need to generate a new password or retrieve the existing one. To receive instructions on how to do that users must click the retrieve password link at the broker section of the software and follow the instructions which will be sent via email.